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Living, Loving and Sleeping mostly in Leipzig

Lucia Graf, artist, is based in Leipzig, Germany. She studied Cultural Sciences, Book Art, Graphic and Painting in Leipzig, Zurich and Athens. She was a master student of Oliver Kossack at the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig. Since 2017, she has created various works on oracle techniques. Oracles play with signs, seduce. Just recently her exhibition The Living Oracle was on view at Okay Space Athens, Greece. Since 2023 Lucia invites for readings and exhibitions into her project space Hotel L.



no risk, no magic

The Living Oracle + Booklet (DE) (GR)

Do you wanna know?

Orakel Abend

I See a Baguette in a Handbag

Papers of a Room with a sink + Reading

Room with a sink

Coffee Cups (Posters)

Beach Block 1–3

Zoom in die Tasse, Blick in die Zukunft

One Coffee, One Destiny (Das Leben in der Tasse)

The Cup (In between an A in front of a portal, a dolphin and the light at the bottom)

Tarot Hotline (Newspaper Advertisement) + Tarot Hotline (Radio Show)

Swiss Love, Greek Love, No Love

Swiss Health

Swiss Life

Swiss Land

Swiss Fantasy


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